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East Village Apartments Blog

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mars 2112, Theme restaurant, NYC

What could be one place that could show the present ‘future city of the planet’, New York City, a future that no one could ever imagine? If you are guessing some mystical tarot card reader with her crystal ball then I must say you are not even close. I am talking about the world famous tourist targeted restaurant called Mars 2112, NY. A theme based restaurant located in the Times Square district of the city, shows the future with pride over an area of 33,000 sq ft, making itself the largest themed restaurant in the world (when opened).

As the name suggests, the restaurant is a rare fusion of scrumptious cooking, continual anticipation and oodles of fantasies. The Dining Area of the place is a crystal crater which is 3 storeys high! As one sits and eats, in no time he feels like he is served on the planet mars, with real looking Mars subterranean landscape, with waiters dressed in Sci-fi costumes, and food and drinks named with space themed names. Mars 2112 makes sure that one reaches a new world altogether. As you dine, you are surrounded by millions of stars above with red lighted rocks all around making the place look surreal. Before you reach even close to the climax of fantasy, you meet Empress Glorianna, the ruler of Mars 2112 who shows you a Martian arcade, swaying everyone in the never-ending fun of this colorful place. Mars 2112 is definitely more of an experience than a restaurant. No wonder why, this place was rated as one of the major tourist attraction in New York City.

Located on a sunken courtyard in front of the Paramount Plaza building at Broadway and 51st Street, Mars 2112 is located very close to the East Village Apartment, a perfect place for a complete holiday in the heart of New York City. If you are looking for a comfortable stay or a resort for a short stay then this place is your heaven. East village apartment has flats and rooms for a cheap and luxurious accommodation that provide you the comfort of enjoying New York City with perfect ease.

The celebrated Shopping Stop: Bloomingdale’s

If you are walking on the streets of New York and unexpectedly observe each person carrying the ubiquitous Big Brown Bag and wonder where they all are coming from, then probably the destination for your pursuit is the universal shopping name called Bloomingdale’s. The only place on the globe where shopping is perhaps a never ending challenge, with overabundance of choices in brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more waiting for you to seize. Owned by Macy’s Inc., Bloomingdale’s flagship store at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue is one of the most visited stores by day-trippers in New York City, no wonder why every one in New York pompously says “It’s like No Other Store in the World”.

The Bloomingdale's story started in 1861 when brothers Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale started their business by selling hoop-skirts in their Ladies Notions' Shop on Manhattan's Lower East Side, with an unsurpassed service, extraordinary assortment, and exclusive fashions, “Bloomie’s” has certainly made its name as an international retail institution. Unlike the preconceived forged perception of the store’s inadequacy of boasting just apparels and clothing , Bloomingdale’s also possess a global array of footwear, beddings, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, optical, and even house wares. Take home your purchases in the famous Big Brown Bag designed by fashion designer Mossimo Vignelli, certainly an assurance of delighting shopping bliss!

With its Annual events like Glamorama, Macy's Great Tree, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Celebrate the Season Parade etc., the store is definitely much more than just a shopping experience. To conclude, one thing that you should definitely do in your vacation in the New York City is experiencing this legendary shopping paradise. Bloomingdale’s is not very far from another astonishing place in Manhattan called East Village Apartments where you can take the pleasure of New York City in a holiday flat or a city apartment for a budgeted accommodation. Again providing you with a myriad of selections, this place is very close to every grand place one must visit in New York. Have a great time in NYC!

Madam Tussauds Wax Museum

New York is one only destination where blistering glamour, remarkable aesthetics and elegant intellect are seen racing on the streets, in the fastest pace ever, towards the highest level of heroism that a man can achieve. One such place where such qualities of fine heroes are preserved in the most eloquent form is at the world renowned Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, the only place where over 200 real looking wax masquerades of famous world figures stand tall for the visitors to ogle at.

Located in the heart of New York City, at Times Square, rambling over a colossal 85,000 square feet, this museum has so much for everyone to experience that one can’t afford to miss it! Tourists from all over the world come to visit the legendary stop not just to take photos with their historical icons, but also for their inbuilt interactive virtual entertainment like Singing Karaoke for Simon Cowell (American Idol), flying over the Metropolis with Superman or entering Chamber of Horrors Live!

One can also enjoy an inbuilt 4D cinema that delivers amazing 3D technology viewing life like cinema, with the exceptional bizarre effects including wind, mist, scent, & digital surround sound that makes sure that viewers get transported into a whole new world. Do not miss this grand experience which is very close to this beautiful holiday resort called East Village Apartment where you get well furnished apartments at reasonable Manhattan prices

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York

For architecture lovers, the one place in the whole wide world where Gothic and Romanesque architecture are blended in their purest forms, is shockingly not found in Europe, but right here in New York. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, officially called the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in the City and Diocese of New York, is the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, in Manhattan's Morningside Heights, the cathedral is claimed to be the largest Cathedral and Anglican Church and fourth largest Christian church in the world. With its disputed title with Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, the grand stature is so massive that it makes the gigantic Statue of Liberty look small in its comparison.

The inside of the Cathedral covers more than half a city block, with 121,000 sq ft (11,200 m2), spanning a length of 183.2 meters (601 ft) and a height of 70.7 meters (232 ft). The inside height of the nave is a major 37.8 meters (124 feet). These dimensions make this architectural heaven a major attraction for tourists in the city. The beauty of its colossal dimensions is colored by the magnificent gothic stained glass that offers a beautiful view of the world around the place. The cathedral is surrounded by lush green gardens with virgin roses and colorful wandering peacocks, making the cathedral look so serene that one feels he is transported into a whole new world and era.

If you are planning a trip to New York, then The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine makes one major place for you to explore. Also, if you are looking for a resort or a holiday motel for a short stay then only one place can stand the beauty of the cathedral. Located very close, Manhattan’s East Village Apartments provide an ideal space for you to enjoy a great holiday serviced according to your needs. It is the closest place to not just the cathedral but also to all major places in NYC.

U.S. Tennis Open 2010

The major annual event that is driving restless tourists towards the greatest, busiest, fastest, prime city of this planet, New York, is again hitting the stadiums with ardent, obsessive aficionados from all parts of the world, coming to witness the toughest tennis on the game’s principal arena. U.S Tennis open is one foremost event where the obsession of triumph, the intenseness of rivalry, and an incomparable exhilaration come together to make U.S open not just the most pleasurable affair for every tennis fan across, but also making it the highest-attended annual sporting event in the world !

Starting from August 30th till September 10th of 2010, The skirmish tournament consists of five different event championships, men's singles, women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles, with additional tournaments for senior, junior, and wheelchair players. Like every year, the tournament will be played on acrylic hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York City.

Sponsored by names like J.P Morgan, Mercedes Benz, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more, this year the US open offers not just a major tournament for the fans but also a premium dining experience from their in-house restaurants - Mojito, a Cuban inspired restaurant, and Champions Bar and Grill, a classic American steakhouse, providing the luxury of a light snack, lunch, dinner, or a cocktail with friends or family without missing a single moment of the game. If you are also visiting New York along this time then do not miss this experience. A comparable accommodation of such a grand luxury is not very far from the event called East Village Apartment, where you can get well furnished, luxurious city apartments and holiday houses at a cheap rental, making sure that perfection and opulence is nowhere compromised in your holiday in New York City. Have a great time!