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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make the best of your New York Trip (Part 1)

There is something about New York that makes it one of the most-loved tourist destinations in the world. The place is teeming with tourists from all around the world and it appears like a boiling pot of cultures at all times.
It’s not just one thing but rather a multitude of factors that make this city so vibrant and inviting for visitors of diverse cultures, nationalities and income groups. The city provides a huge range of staying options that include inns, vacation rentals and of course hotels.
So, let’s discuss the most prominent places to visit once you are in New York. This is the first part of my series of articles on New York.
Empire State Building: Built more than 80 years ago, the building is among the icons of the city. It was the highest building in the world for many years before skyscrapers came up in other parts of the world as well. The observatory deck of the building is open to public and this is an opportunity for the visitors to see the NY skyline from this tremendous height.
Statue of Liberty: The statue was a French gift to the United States. This historic monument has been among the most popular representations of the United States of America for many years. The Staten Island Ferry Service offers a free ferry trip from lower Manhattan to Staten Island that provides a good view of the Statue of Liberty.
Rockefeller Center: The Rockefeller Center is home to a number of well-known sculptures and attractions, including the world-famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The Rockefeller Center complex was built during the Great Depression. It not only provided the much needed work for New Yorkers, it also reflected the art deco styling that was quite popular during that time.
Times Square: Times Square is more than just the key commercial district of New York.  Times Square is my personal favorite when it comes to the best hangout places in the world. It represents everything that the city is famous for – beauty, fashion, wealth, high status, fast life and the best of brands. This is one cool place that is always full of activity even till late at night. Evenings are the most special, when you see hordes of people rushing through the lanes of Times Square to shop, enjoy and just have as good time. Cars rush past in top speeds, and visitors throng this area on cars, buses and the underground metro.
And the best part being that just near Times Square, you can find plenty of places to stay. You can choose to stay at a fancy five-star hotel or at a vacation rental property that is friendly to your pocket.
In the next article of this series, we shall talk about some more attractions in this exciting city of the United States of America.


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